At Django, we help companies thrive through proactive, robust currency (FX) risk management planning and provide the dedicated, expert trading team required to efficiently execute in real-time


"When everything Changes, Change Everything"  - Neale Donald Walsch

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What can Django do for you? 

  • Engage Expertise - Typical companies do not have currency experts on staff; our team has executed 10's of thousands of FX Trades and Hedging strategies in support of companies just like yours.

  • Maximize Competitiveness - managing currency risk and costs is our entire business - So you can be more competitive and free up valuable time. 

  • Enable Market Capture, We actively capture opportunity otherwise missed which translates to lower costs and added cash flow.

Why Choose Django?

  • Active - We are constantly vigilant for opportunities to optimize your results.

  • Aligned - we function as an extension of your financial management team.

  • Independent - While we value our extensive bank/broker network - we are compensated only by our clients which means 'your values are our values'.

  • Safe - We do not sell, move or touch funds; we simply enact your pre-approved plan with your current bank while making the most of your existing banking relationships.

Your Team, Passionate about helping you navigate FX Markets

Matt Bennett, President and Head FX Trader  (Picture right) Equity, FX, Futures Trader, and Currency Broker since the late 90's; he acquired several positions as head of Corporate FX and Risk Management Strategy for international FX brokerage firms. Developing a real-world expertise as a corporate strategist and trader before founding his consulting company Django.


Chris Bennett, Managing Partner (picture left) has enjoyed a long and successful career as an FX trader, entrepreneur, importer and exporter holding various upper management positions. His previous Import/Export operations provides real-world understanding of the problems and solutions required to improve FX client productivity and yield

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